Pack of 2 Kids 6-Ply Outdoor Reusable Face Masks with Replaceable filters

Rs. 499.00

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Pack of 2 multi color kids 6-Ply reusable outdoor protective mask with 5 changeable filters, ear protector strap and has a elasticated closure

Special Features:

  • Nose bridge design for a better fit.
  • Anti-fog protective outer layer, functional filter in the middle layer and moisture wicking lining layer for comfort.
  • Available in an assortment of exclusively designed prints and colours.
  • Soft elastic ear loops for extra comfort.
  • Extremely breathable fabric.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Inner Layer 1 & 4: PP spun bonded filters large particles and provides droplet protection
  • Inner Layer 2 & 3: Electrostatic melt blown layers capture microscopic unwanted particles.
  • Mask with 5 changeable filters and ear protector strap

Fit & Measurement:
1. Kids
2. Size XS:  11 cm height x 17.5 cm width.
3. Size S: 13 cm height x19 cm width.

How to Wear a Mask:
Step 1:  Wash hands with soap and water or alcohol based sanitizer before touching the mask
Step 2: Pick up the mask by holding only the ear loops and place a loop around each ear.
Step 3: Adjust the mask on your face by fitting it properly around your nose, mouth and chin.